Ever since the last Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco held on October 2015, I've been in a verge looking for another women's marathon and thanks to my FB sponsor ad feed...I came across Roxy's #runsupyoga events.

Somewhat similar and yet, different, Roxy is just like a mini Nike Women's Half Marathon. It's a group of girls getting together, having fun, and staying fit. Unlike Nike, Roxy doesn't advertise much about this fun event so it doesn't need a lottery system.  Once the event is sold out, it's sold out and it's only $5 bucks for each activity: Run, Sup, Yoga. No matter how much I follow #runsupyoga each year and get on the website quickly as possible to register, SUP happens to get sold out, unless you have your own board then that's a different story.  I do need to invest in a SUP board one of these days.

As for the cost, $5 bucks for each activity event is nothing because at the end of the day, you pretty much get free things. For just the running activity itself, you also get a Roxy hat and a bag and if you sign up for yoga, you get a Roxy towel. You also get free things from Nektar Juice, Kindbar, Kona water, and more so #runsupyoga event is pretty much worth going every year minus the $15 parking, so it’s best to carpool with your girlfriends.

See below recap from yesterday's Roxy #runsupyoga event...

Hope to see you all there next summer! Check back soon or follow my secret run group on FB called #runaloha for updates and reminders!