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Collaboration with Aloha For Jesus

Where have I been?  I have no idea but the last time I posted was back in January. Sorry for the lack of post.  I think being on the go, working at a full-time gig, designing and spending time with my boys with 4 hours of sleep, I'm often wondering...where is God directing me through all this whirlwind?  I can only thank the man above for giving me the strength to do it all.  Being constantly busy is never ending but when having an opportunity to collaborate on an upcoming Christian clothing brand made in Hawaii, Aloha for Jesus, I couldn't resist to help out designing for them.

Because of the love for fashion and a shared passion for Christ, Aloha for Jesus was created by my girl, Kianna Chung, who is also the mastermind and creator of Kianna Hawaii Jewelry.

Collaborating with Aloha for Jesus will consist of 5 desktop and + iphone wallpapers for free! Dress up your desktops and iphones with AFJ x TP!  1 of 5 is ready to download after the jump.

AFJ x TP tote bags and clutches will be dropping soon too.  So keep checking back and follow Aloha for Jesus and The Pineappleist on IG to get all the latest scoop.





I'm excited to announce the launch of my kids clothing line. I guess that's why I've been on a DL, been busy creating, painting, hand-lettering, crafting, designing, etc.

And yes, now blogging, ha!


I just wanted to let the world know that "Young World" is now launched and ready for orders.

Young World: Children's street apparel providing positive awareness across the globe. (Beta shop)

Yes, a beta online shop. Why? There are about 25 designs per age group (babies, toddlers, and youth). And I plan on adding 25 more designs in the next few months, my mind is just all over it. The beta online shop via Tictail will help me identify which designs are the most popular and from there, I can test out the brand into better web platforms. For now, baby steps.

Since the births of my boys, I never really had an interest in kids clothing line that suited my taste in kids fashion. I mean, yes, they're just kids and probably don't know what fashion or brand is yet but they do represent me. Duh, I'm their mum! I always visioned my closet and my family's closet to have mostly black clothing. Why? Black is just typical, universal, matches with everything, cheaper and hides the stains more, lol. I got boys and honestly, they can be super gross sometimes. You know what I mean for those of you who have kids and stains! Some say all black is boring but I think it's the other way around, it's sophisticated without ever being too "loud". It's low key and chill and makes you wonder what that person is all about. I can go on and on with why having an all black wardrobe is essential...I used to have my own personal styling company in Honolulu. =) Anyway, there wasn't much kids apparel I liked so I created my own (finally)...and boom...see below after the jump...

By the way...there's a launch promo going on right now on Instagram. See all the details on IG and you could win two 'Young World' tees for your little one/s! Hurry, winner will be announced on Young World's IG this Saturday, 1/28 at 12pm (PST), celebrating Chinese New Years! Good luck!