Who would really think I'd be into plants? I can't take care of plants, they will just die on me eventually no matter what I do. So I've been into air plants, no soil needed and no mess!

Just spray them with water a few times a week and you're all good! Lately, I find myself in the leaf cray. My pinterest feed is filled with so much leaves. Plus my boys love collecting leaves off the ground and they'd give to me to add to their leaves/rocks/branches collection. If you have kids, you'd know what I mean…kids and their leaves and rocks collection…even little twigs and branches. LOL.

See my plant board from Pinterest after the jump...

By the way, the 2nd Aloha for Jesus wallpapers for desktop and iphone is available for download here...



Can't wait to design more for Aloha for Jesus, so check back on the blog for the latest updates!


Irene Herbst