Aloha, I’m Irene Herbst, a Multidisciplinary Artist + Dreamer living in Southern California. This is my happy place, a curated collection of all things with good design.


Aloha there! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m a mother of two handsome boys who are just super crazy and super lovable. They are my everything, just browse through my personal Instagram page @ireneherbst so you can totally see what I mean.

I started the love of all kinds of art, colors, patterns, fashion, basically anything design at a very young age. I wasn’t pretty much of a Barbie doll collector, I was happy collecting crayons and markers and papers. I think this is why my youngest son is so into crafting, I love that about him. My favorite school subjects were art, math, and ceramics. I was one who saved up lunch money and bought fashion magazines to make an art collage wall in my room during my high school years. I cut up and tore up tee shirts to redesign how I wanted it to be on me. Most of my gifts were handmade and still is today.

I took design and media courses at Cypress College back in 2001 to learn more about how I could make things on the computer and publish or print them. I ended up getting my Bachelors of Science in Accounting instead because I needed something I thought, back then, would be reliable. Worked for a well-known engineering company for many years but took that opportunity to move to Oahu and pursue into freelancing.

During my early adult years, I started having hearing loss probably when I just turned 21. My hearing wasn’t that bad so I kept living life and partying my ass off until aging got to me. I am now almost deaf, lost a lot of confidence and feel isolated. I do miss going out, living comfortably, and most of all miss being…me. So with much consideration and because my eldest wants me to, I signed up on getting Cochlear Implants. I’m going through lots of testing and preparations so we shall see with this new journey of mine. I cannot wait to live a normal life again and go out and socialize! Irene will be back before you know it!

So anyway, after two years of living in Oahu, we moved back to California and looking for a job wasn’t that easy because it was just too hard for me during the interview process, so I decided to become a full time mom, artist, gym rat, and skincare junkie and I couldn’t be any happier.


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